12 ideas to present grapes on New Year's Eve (original and different)

12 ideas to present grapes on New Year’s Eve (original and different)

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So if you see that the grapes have a nice presentation, do you think they will give you more luck? We too! The difference lies in the small details and also the smile of the diners, that’s why in Women’s Daily we bring you 12 original and different ideas to present the grapes on New Year’s Eve, it will cost you to keep only one!

First of all, prepare the New Year’s grapes according to the tastes of the guests

We all usually take the lucky grapes on New Year’s Eve, but each one in their own way: there are those who take them without further ado, those who remove the skin and the seeds. There are those who select the smallest grapes to be able to follow the rhythm of the chimes. And there are on the other hand those who cut them in half.

So, if this year you are going to prepare the grapes for good luck, before starting with the presentation and design, check how each of your guests usually eats the grapes, how they like more, to be able to adapt to their shape and thus make them feel at home.

How to serve grapes on New Year’s Eve in a different way

Start the countdown! All prepared with their grapes… on the usual dish? Not this time. Let’s turn the page to the lucky grapes that we have on New Year’s Eve next to family and friends. Instead of putting them in the usual bowl, we will present them in a nice, elegant, fun way, maybe? Choose for yourself which idea you like the most!

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Present the grapes in glass jars

It is very chic and elegant, you stop using plastic and you also invite diners to take the grapes in a different way. Of course, only for adults, if there are children it is better to serve them a few small grapes in a bowl so that if it breaks there is no danger of cutting us.

And also in crystal glasses

How elegant do crystal glasses look, right? Especially when it comes to dressing the table at the last dinner of the year. As if it were champagne to toast, we will put the grapes in a beautiful glass that we can decorate with a bow or any other detail of the style you have at home. Serve next to the glass of champagne (remember to put something gold inside) and it will be much more stylish, so much so that it will be the subject of conservation.

Kraft paper bags

Prepare a few kraft paper bags and put the twelve lucky grapes in them. Put a plastic bag or let the grapes dry very well to prevent the paper from getting wet. Take the opportunity to decorate as you like: a small phrase to congratulate the New Year, a nice drawing… The simplest thing is to decorate the bags before putting the grapes.

 Place the grapes in decorated plastic caps 

If you like DIY crafts, those that you can do yourself with just a few materials, choose the plastic caps (start collecting them now) decorated to your liking to put the twelve lucky grapes. It will take a little more time, but you will love the result. Also, if there are children at home, it can also be a great activity for them. And best of all, you can save them for next year.

burlap bags

Do you know the burlap sacks? You can easily find them in the market, they come in all sizes and styles, so choose small ones that already have a bow so that you only have to put the washed and dried grapes inside. It would be great if you accompanied the package of grapes with a card in which you express your best wishes for the coming year for all your friends and family.

Presentation of the twelve grapes in bamboo bowls

Bamboo bowls, in addition to being beautiful and elegant, do not leave residues, nor do they pollute, so it could be an excellent option for this year’s New Year’s Eve. Choose a model that you like and that combines with the rest of the decoration that you have put in your home.

paper cones

Paper cones are easy to make, resulting in one and most original. Prepare your material, decorate it to your liking, add an emotional phrase and remember to dry it very well before putting them in the cones. Once the grapes have passed, don’t throw them away, they can serve as a game to liven up the evening.

Original ideas to present grapes on New Year’s Eve

Ideas to give and take, some simple, others more laborious but all of them original and very charming. And it is that to surprise the diners on such a special night, you do not need much, simply have the motivation and interest. We will take care of the proposals!

Candied grapes, are very sweet!

In this case, more than the packaging, we are going to focus on the grapes themselves, from natural to frosted by dipping them in egg white and sprinkling them with a little sugar, letting them dry and you already have the sweetest grapes of all.

Skewer of the 12 lucky grapes

Presenting the grapes on New Year’s Eve in the form of a skewer is very rustic, perfect if the decoration of your house follows this theme. Choose fat grapes and be careful when you pass them the stick so they don’t break. You can also accompany it with other fruits, some sweets or even a little nougat to drink together when the bells have finished.

Paper bags with a mini card next to them

Paper bags are also a good way to prepare the grapes that you will have together on New Year’s Eve. Best of all, you can put a card next to it with a personalized message of good wishes, one for each of your guests: “This year is going to be the best of all”, “thank you for being part of my 2021”, “Life wouldn’t be the same without you”… What’s a great idea?

plastic ball

It is worth it that we are not very fond of using plastic for decoration, but yes if we will give it another use later. It is about putting the twelve grapes already prepared and ready to drink in a round ball of those that open in half. Add a small piece of paper folded in half with a Christmas message or quote, it’s like a fortune cookie!

Put the grapes on a tree-shaped plate

You cut them in half, they have to leave a total of 24 pieces of grapes, and you make the shape of the Christmas tree with them. For the trunk a piece of banana and as decoration a pinch of liquid chocolate. Of course, next to each plate a napkin, your guests are going to suck their fingers.

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