13 Simple But Creative Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

13 Simple But Creative Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

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13 Simple But Creative Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

If you are going to celebrate Thanksgiving at home, you should not only focus on making a delicious dinner typical of this beautiful day of celebration but also on decorating the table and some common spaces so that the atmosphere generates warmth and gratitude. We give you all the decoration tips so you can impress your guests this Thanksgiving. Jot down these tips and decorating ideas for Thanksgiving. They are simple but VERY creative!

The best decoration ideas for Thanksgiving

1 The atmosphere we want to generate

One of the things you have to keep in mind when you start decorating your home for Thanksgiving is the atmosphere you want to achieve. This holiday was created with the intention of sharing the gratitude we feel towards our loved ones and everything that happens to us in life. In turn, it began as a festival to thank the harvest, so the idea of ​​abundance and good fortune is always around Thanksgiving. Finally, this day also has a charitable purpose with those who need it.

Therefore, the decoration of your home has to bring warmth, give a feeling of abundance (not opulence), and be created so that all the guests can enjoy it. Keep this in mind with every décor item you choose.

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2 The table is the focal point

Although you can decorate the room and common spaces where your guests will attend the celebration, dinner is the main protagonist of Thanksgiving Day, so the main thing is that you focus on decorating the table. Traditional crockerygood glassware, a pretty platter for the turkey and side dishes, a homey tablecloth or table runner, and a centerpiece reminiscent of the fall season will be your staples for success. If you like other more modern decoration styles, you can also adapt them to Thanksgiving decoration, although do not forget to give it a classic and homey touch so as not to fail. 

3autumn inspiration

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the fall , and it is precisely the fall colors that are characteristic of the decorations on this date. Oranges, browns and ochres combined with dark greens , beiges and blacks are the right choices for Thanksgiving Day decorations.


The cornucopia is the classic symbol of Thanksgiving. Traditionally, the cornucopia was a symbol of abundance and prosperity. It is a horn made of natural fibers (for example, wicker) brimming with seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are those who even fill it with coins or flowers to generate that feeling of abundance. It is a great idea as a centerpiece or to put it on the sideboard .

5 pumpkins and corn 

Seasonal vegetables are the best way to decorate your home for Thanksgiving, as the harvest of this time of year was traditionally celebrated. All varieties of squash (pumkin is typical but all will do), corn on the cob , zucchini , seasonal nuts in their skins, grapes or figs…. Use seasonal foods to decorate the dinner table or strategic areas of your home. Display these colorful vegetables on a platter or basket for a sense of abundance, place different sizes and colors of pumpkins along the table as decorations or on the fireplace or sideboard. If you want to do a DIY you can carve the pumpkins to create beautiful very decorative candle holders. Another idea is to use popcorn to decorate. For example, you can put it in glass jars with a candle on top and decorate various areas of the dining room and living room with this original candlestick.

6 An allusion to the brotherhood between Pilgrims and Native Americans

For many American and Canadian families, Thanksgiving celebrates understanding and brotherhood between Native Americans and Pilgrims. For this reason, the symbols that reflect it are traditionally used in the families of the country. The pointed pilgrim hats and the feathered headdress of the Native Americans are the most used. Many children choose to wear one of these two at Thanksgiving dinner, which is why it is usually a recurring craft in all families. In addition, these symbols are also used as decoration, as napkin rings, card holders or even as a centerpiece of the centerpiece.

Other great decorations for Thanksgiving Day

In addition to the previous ideas, which are the classic and traditional ones, we can add other elements to the Thanksgiving decoration of the dining room, the living room and the dinner table. Get inspired!

7 checkered tablecloths

Vichy tablecloths are also a classic in decoration. They are usually chosen in off -white and black , but it is also very common to see them in orange and muted beige . The paintings provide that homey and traditional touch that is sought in the celebration of Thanksgiving. 

An increasingly fashionable option, although less traditional, is to decorate the Thanksgiving table in neutral tones, mainly whites, beiges and nude tones. In this case, a checkered tablecloth in nude tones will be ideal.

8 natural materials

Thanksgiving decoration should provide an organic and natural touch, therefore the elements of wood and natural fibers are a substantial support to the decoration . Wooden bowls, wicker baskets or linen table runners are very good options for the decoration to contain that special homey air.

9 Rosemary

Use sprigs of rosemary in Thanksgiving decorations, mixed in with pumpkins, across the table or in a bowl. They provide a very special green touch, while they sent the home.

10 Candles

Candles lit on the table or in strategic places in the space provide an intimate and familiar atmosphere, perfect for Thanks giving Day . Choose white candles, glass candle holders or made with small previously carved pumpkins.

11 Leaves of deciduous trees

If you have the opportunity to go out into the countryside and collect freshly fallen leaves from deciduous trees, you can use them as a decorative element to give a very autumnal air to the decoration of your home. In addition to working great for Thanksgiving, they serve as a decorative element throughout the fall.

One way to preserve them is to carefully place them in paraffin or hot wax. Do it with a tong so you don’t burn yourself. Then let them dry on a piece of waxed paper. A nice idea is to put one of these leaves on each of the diners’ plates. You can put the name of each one on the sheet with a white or gold marker. It will be a very special detail that your guests will appreciate.

12 The turkey

The famous stuffed turkey that is usually eaten on Thanksgiving Day is not the only turkey that we can see on this day. It is also a very common symbol and is usually found in shops in a thousand ways to use it in decoration. Children love it because it has a funny and comical air.

13 flower centers

Of course, fall-colored flower arrangements can also be used to decorate for Thanksgiving. White and orange daisies can be used, as well as dried flowers with other colors that provide that autumnal touch so characteristic of this date.

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