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7 Ways To Hygge Your Home

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When the cold of winter brings with it gloom and doom, turning the most colorful scenery into a dull tableau that is too monotonous to enjoy, hygge brings its life changing magic to enchant the darkest of days and chase away seasonal depression. Hygge is a Danish concept that translates as ‘warmth’, ‘coziness’ and ‘comfort’. It dispels the essence of life and conviviality in any season and in any month. It is no coincidence that recent statistics show that the Danes are one of the happiest groups of people on the planet. The nice thing about Hygge, is that anyone and everyone can do it. Hygge is not necessarily about materialism, it won’t stretch or break your budget. It’s all about contentment and finding joy in the simple pleasures of everyday life.

So here is a list of things you can do to bring the essence of hygge into your home.

  1. Declutter

Decluttering is a huge part of trying to apply hygge to your home, and there is every chance that you will feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you own, because when you step aside and take a look at everything in your home, especially if it’s messy, you think of it as one block that needs to be tackled all at once, and that is wrong. Just think “divide and conquer” and start by picking a room, like your living room for instance. Start getting rid of things that have no reason to be there, and things that serve no purpose. This will instantly clear your mind and make you feel calm and comfortable in your surroundings.

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  1. Think about comfort

Comfort is such a difficult word to define in this context, because it’s very personal to each and every one of us. So try to look at ways in which you can make your home more comfortable. Keep in mind that your main goal is to be cozy, relaxed and snug, so if something does not look right or feel right to you, then change it.

  1. Make a hyggekrog

A hyggekrog translates as a comfy nook or corner in your home. So start by finding a spot in your house that is hopefully by a window, or with something relaxing and calming to look at, add some cushions, and perhaps a furry blanket. If you have a fireplace in that room, then you’ve already embodied a bit of hygge into your home. Curl up into your hyggekrog with a good book, a nice hot drink and get lost in the moment.

  1. Candles!

Candles have such a calming effect that just cannot be underestimated, regardless if they are scented or not. Having candles in your home environment is an absolute mainstay for those indulging in hygge. Spread them all over your room and enjoy the calmness that comes with watching the flickering flames.

  1. Bring nature into your home

Nature is a huge part of hygge, so try to incorporate some elements from the outdoors into your home. Set as much wooden furniture as possible, but you can include any natural material that you prefer. Houseplants are nice to have around, they will instantly elevate your interiors and add some life and color to your surroundings. Find and use anything that can get nature into your home and allow you to connect to it in some way.

  1. Placement of lights

Invest in some lamps with low wattage and warm light. No harsh lights and nothing overtly bright, because the entire idea is to have a kind of glow about the place. Put them in a dark corner to add some life to it, or have a lamp on a table next to where you are sitting, just to get some additional comfort from its glow. As it gets darker outside, you can tone down the light on the inside to increase that cosy feeling.

  1. Get creative in the finishing touches

Often with hygge, it is those finishing touches that can make a huge difference to your home. Get some throws to put on the couch in order to break up the harshness and to give you something to cuddle. Or get a furry rug on your wooden floor to give you something warm to place your toes on. The key is to surround yourself by things that make you happy and content.

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