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Beach Cottage Decorating

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Do you want to create the look and feel of a beach cottage? You do not have to live on the beach to decorate your home with a coastal feel and style. Wherever you live, you can choose to decorate your whole home with this style, or just one room.

The look you will want to achieve is airy and full of natural light, clean, fresh, clutter free, not minimalist, but relaxed.

When you are thinking of colours take your ideas from nature, think of the ocean, shells on a sandy beach, driftwood, opaque weathered sea glass, all the sea and sun bleached colours. White, lots of white, pale blues and light sea greens, sandy beige and soft shell pinks. No bright colours.

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The walls can be painted in white or any of the soft neutral colours mentioned above but the finish should be chalky and matte. Tongue and grooved panelled walls painted in the same way have a real beach cottage feel to them.

The windows want a simple uncluttered style with wooden blinds in a pale natural wood or a white or very pale blue painted finish, or just simple curtains, lightweight and airy to let in the maximum amount of light. You want to feel like you could open the windows and let the sea breeze into the room.

The floor could be a natural or painted wood or a coir, jute or seagrass carpet. Use rugs for a cosy feel and extra colour and texture.

The furniture can be a mix of new and antique or vintage painted white or pale blue and distressed.

Soft furnishings are lovely covered in plain natural linen or unbleached cotton, accessorized with cushions in some of the pale sea and beach inspired colours that have been mentioned before. If you want to add pattern with your cushions a muted stripe gives you nautical but sun and sea bleached look and feel.

For extra storage use naturally woven baskets or old wooden chests

Accessorize with care using driftwood, shells, rope and beach glass, they can also be used to decorate candles, mirrors etc.  Try to avoid using  large amounts of shells everywhere, the whole beach cottage style should feel organic and naturally evolved. And even if you have, it should not look as if you have just gone out shopping, and bought the whole look.

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