Bored of the colors in your house

Bored of the colors in your house?: Redecorate your home with colored fabrics

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Bored of the colors in your house

Do you want to change the decoration of your house without having to spend large amounts of money or go to decoration stores? In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to decorate your houses with meters and meters of fabric.

Using a little imagination and having a little time we can make a lot of beautiful and very original things with our own hands.

Cut, sew, tie, cut, and little else… Don’t tell me it’s not fun. In addition, we do not need patterns or guides, and no complications! Buy colored fabrics and with a little patience and love, we will create very special things that will decorate our house with a special and personal touch..

Walls lined to your liking and cushions as decoration

There are countless colored fabrics that we can use to cover a wall and give a unique touch to the room. With a single wall that we cover with fun and colorful fabrics, we will achieve a very original touch. It can be stuck to the wall with thumbtacks, and it couldn’t be cheaper!

And in addition to decorating the walls, cushions are never too many in a house, and they give a feeling of comfort and well-being. Above the bed, filling the sofa even in a corner on the floor as a pouf.

You can make cushions of all sizes and shapes you want. You can sew them by machine or by hand, you can put buttons or zippers on them, and you no longer have an excuse not to have a little corner full of color where it will be a pleasure to lie down and play, read, have a cup of tea or simply rest and relax

Redecorate your room with a little color

If you want to give a new air to the old boxes that you have in the room, instead of painting them you can cover them with fabrics that fit with the rest of your decoration. We are always going to need boxes and surely you have more than one in your house full of personal items which you cannot part with.

Instead of having it forgotten in the back of a closet or hidden under the bed or in a corner of the closet, why not cover it and place it in a visible place? There are beautiful fabrics with different textures that you can use to line those little boxes. With a little glue for fabrics you can “make” new boxes quickly, cleanly, and cheaply.

And without leaving your room, surely you are tired of always seeing the same furniture. However, with a little time and some patience, you can make your bed much cozier.

First, you have to measure the headboard well and then you only have to choose the appropriate colors to guarantee a better rest, in addition to delicate fabrics to avoid chafing or scratching yourself during the night.

But you can still redecorate your room a little more. Why don’t you line the inside of your cabinets or shelves? If the wood is a little deteriorated you can cover them and you will have an interior like new. It will also give you a feeling of cleanliness that will make you want to redecorate all the cabinets in your house.

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New modern curtains and linens

Finally, to finish redecorating your home, focus on the table linens and curtains. Buy the cotton fabric (which washes and irons easily) that you like the most, measure the table in your living room or your living room and get down to work.

Sew the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying and then if you want the napkins to “match” as well, cut out a square the size you want and follow the same sewing process. And now you have brand new table linen for your next dinner!

And from the tablecloths to the curtains. The typical and traditional curtains of the living room can disappear to make way for new fabrics and colors, fabrics with different shapes that can vary according to the season of the year. There are very simple mechanisms on the market to hang them that consist of small clips from which they will be hung from the fabric of your choice or the net curtains.

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