Brighten up your home with plants with colorful and cheerful flowers

Brighten up your home with plants with colorful and cheerful flowers

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Although it is winter and the temperatures are not good and if we look around us the trees have not yet begun to bloom, at home we can have plants that brighten our day and bring a little warmth to our home and garden.

In addition, these indoor plants do not have to be in our house during one season or another, but they can accompany us for years and years as long as we take care of them properly and look for a place for them, above all, bright.

There are many and very varied types, with flower or with fruit. Today we bring you some examples of both plants that you can have at home and some that you can take out in the garden without suffering excessively from low temperatures:

– Holly : Ilex aquifolium in its scientific name, you can have this plant in the garden of House. It is characterized by its fruit, which are small red balls that give a lot of color to this strong, slow-growing plant.

– barberry: Berberis is a very showy and beautiful plant, with an intense red color and very resistant to cold, since its areas of origin are the mountains and forests. If you have a terrace facing north or a shady garden, you can put this wonder of nature that will captivate you with its color.

These two evergreen plants can be placed in pots or planters, giving your home a more attractive and visual environment.

– Winter Jasmine: The Jasminum nodiflorum is a plant that has a spectacularly beautiful delicate flower. It is a yellow flower that adorns and brightens every corner. You can use it to cover a pergola and give your garden a totally colorful and original touch.

– The cyclamen: Much less known than the jasmine, the Cyclamen persicum has beautiful and striking pink flowers that will give a very exotic touch to your garden. The atypical color makes them delight everyone who observes them.

And to finish, a piece of advice so that your plants are always happy. From time to time clean the leaves and flowers so that they do not catch dirt. It’s as easy as using a spray bottle and wetting them so that their leaves and flowers shine. In addition, you can also carefully clean its leaves with a cloth or paper soaked in milk.

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