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Creative Ways Of Scenting Your Home to Make it More Relaxing and Inviting

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Do you ever feel like your home could use a little bit of freshening up? Maybe it just doesn’t smell quite right, or maybe it doesn’t have that “homey” feeling. If this is the case, you may want to consider scenting your home in creative ways. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best ways to scent your home and make it more inviting for guests and family members.

Do you find that your home always smells a bit too…neutral? Maybe you’ve tried candles, air fresheners, and diffusers but nothing seems to give your home the inviting and relaxing scent you’re looking for. Well, we have some good news for you! There are many creative ways of scenting your home that can give it just the right smell. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best methods for scenting your home and how to choose the right scent for your needs.

The sense of smell is incredibly powerful. It can evoke memories, set the mood for a room, and even make us feel more relaxed or energized. If you’re looking for ways to make your home more inviting and relaxing, consider using scents. In this blog post, we will discuss some creative ways to scent your home using essential oils and other natural ingredients. Let’s get started!

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One great way to add a touch of relaxation and luxury to your home is by using scented candles. Candles come in a wide variety of scents, so you’re sure to find one that you love. When choosing a candle, make sure to pick one with a high-quality fragrance oil so that the scent will last longer. You can also find candles that contain essential oils, which can have additional benefits for your health.

Another option for scenting your home is to use an oil diffuser. Diffusers work by releasing a fine mist of scented oil into the air. You can choose from a wide variety of diffusers, including ones that use ultrasonic technology or ones that use heat to release the scent. If you have pets or small children, make sure to choose a diffuser that uses safe, non-toxic oils.

One of the most creative ways to scent your home is by making your own potpourri. Potpourri is a mixture of dried flowers, herbs, and spices that you can use to scent your home. You can buy potpourri mixes at most craft stores, or you can make your own using ingredients that you already have in your pantry. To make your own potpourri, simply mix together dried flowers, herbs, and spices in a bowl. Then, add a few drops of essential oil to the mix and stir well. Place the potpourri in a bowl or jar and enjoy the lovely scent.

We hope that these ideas have inspired you to add a bit of fragrance to your home. Remember, when choosing a scent for your home, make sure to pick one that you love so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Thanks for reading!

If you’re looking for a more natural way to scent your home, you can try using essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated forms of the naturally occurring oils found in plants. They have a wide variety of benefits, including helping to improve your mood, increase energy levels, and relieve stress. You can find essential

Candles are a popular way of scenting your home, but there are many other alternatives to creating that inviting atmosphere that scent brings.

There are many ways to scent a home, candles of course being a popular choice, but there are readily many other methods that can make a home smell welcoming and cozy.


Simmer a small amount of water on the stove and add lemon and orange slices (just a few), some cinnamon sticks, clove and ginger root and just let this simmer on low for several hours, being sure to refill the water as it evaporates. You can vary this method using many other ingredients as well, apples and cinnamon and many other combinations can be used.

Reed diffusers are small jars of scented oil base with porous sticks called reeds. The scented oil is drawn up through the reeds emitting a light fragrance. These are meant really to only scent a small room and create a subtle but nice touch. Once a week, flip the reeds in the jar so the bottom becomes the top and vice versa. It’s best to choose reed diffusers in a jar that are square and heavy bottomed so they are not so easy to topple over; you definitely don’t want top heavy jars and the mess that would occur by scented oil spilling over everything.

Sachet Bags

Sachet bags can easily be made yourself with beautiful fabrics and filled with crushed lavender flowers, rose petals, cinnamon sticks, potpourri and any combination there of. These are a beautiful touch to scent a drawer of closet. A dryer sheet can also be used in this way as well.

Light bulb rings are fun and inexpensive as well. They are basically a felt like material that you put on top of a bulb in a lamp, then you add a few drops of either essential oil or other fragrance oil and the heat of the lamp releases the scent into the air. These can be purchased at most stores in the home section or near candles.

Melts or tarts are another great way to go. There are many different kinds of tart burners, some are electric and some are used by lighting a small tea light candle in the lower portion thus making the flame the heat source that melts the tart. A tart is a small chunk of scented wax, usually poured into some type of shape. It is placed in the tart portion of the tart melter cup and as it melts, fragrance is released.

Fragrant Plants

There are some plants that can be grown indoors that carry a powerful fragrance, like hyacinth bulbs, jasmine vines, honeysuckles and the like that can be potted indoors and kept trained and pruned to an indoor sized plant. Of course a fresh cut bouquet of flowers is always a delight to the senses, both to the eyes and nose.

Fresh eucalyptus branches either in a wreath or just cut and put in a vase with some other interesting floral materials and berries is a delightful scent whenever a person walks by.

You can make your own carpet freshener by putting baking soda in a Ziploc bag, adding a few drops of essential or fragrance oil, shaking well and then lay out on a cookie sheet to dry overnight. Sprinkle over your carpets, wait 10 minutes and then vacuum.

Get creative; there are so many ways you can incorporate fragrance into a home, delighting both your senses and that of your friends and loved ones.

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