Decorate your house with summer airs: countryside or beach

Decorate your house with summer airs: countryside or beach

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Decorate your house with summer airs: countryside or beach

This summer you may have to stay home. If so, get ready to bring the beach or the countryside to your own home. With a few simple tricks you will give your home the summery touch you need so you don’t miss your holidays.

Enjoy the countryside at home

You are restless because the summer days are longer, you want to fill the hours of the day, you feel like doing a lot of things, but you don’t know where to start, because this year you have to stay in the city. Don’t worry, start by changing the decoration of your house, you will see how you can enjoy your holidays just as much.

Summer is the right time to give your home a more casual and fun touch. And in recent times, eco trends that will immerse you in a country atmosphere without leaving home have been sweeping the scene. The watchword is to enjoy the simplest natural pleasures.

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Fill your house with aromatic plants. Surround yourself with the sensation of freshness transmitted by plants with large green leaves. And that same green is the color you can have throughout the house. Change curtains and upholstery by combining green and yellow tones with white, and bet on fine textures that give lightness to the environment.

If you opt for wood and vintage furniture, which you can recycle yourself, and if you dare with a small urban garden, you will have all the benefits of the countryside without having to travel and you will enjoy the refreshing and relaxing aromas in the midst of urban chaos.

Don’t miss the beach

If you’re looking forward to a beach getaway, but can’t, give your home a makeover. Prepare your home for the heat with a good air conditioning system. Dare to paint the floor white and decorate your rooms in white and blue. Create your own vases with stones and sand and distribute them in the entrance and in the bathroom. You will take the sea wherever you want.

In summer move to the terrace. Condition your terrace to spend most of the time there. Place some pretty plants to refresh the atmosphere, a couple of hammocks and don’t miss a good cocktail next to you. Get ready to sunbathe like you’re in Hawaii. And at night, organize parties with your friends. Use colored lighting or, if you prefer something more intimate, with candles.

Prepare a barbecue or invest in a big screen to binge your favorite series. Don’t forget to get a good ice cream maker to prepare delicious homemade ice creams with any ingredient you can think of and delight your friends with refreshing fruit smoothies. Just because you’re away from the beach doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the heat, so let yourself be carried away by the festive atmosphere of summer wherever you are.

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