Feng Shui Housewarming

Feng Shui Housewarming Gifts

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Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years to help dispel negativity and bring good luck and fortune to homes. Although not as widely accepted in the Western world, it is still popular among many people on this side of the world. For those who do not know that much about Feng Shui, it may be a bit difficult knowing what would make a great gift for those who do practice Feng Shui.

There are several websites online to help with this delimna. In fact there are an amazing amount of choices when you know more of what you are looking for. The items below are the most popular gift choices when choosing a housewarming gift for those who practice Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Tao Blessing Plaques

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This is a set of four 7 inch plaques that come in the Ming Dynasty Chinese characters to represent long life, double happiness, prosperity, and good luck. Each plaque has a brass hanger to make hanging them on the wall easy.

Feng Shui Aroma Gift Set

Nikki Candles offers a simple aroma gift set in five pleasing colors to represent each element. Each set comes with a ceramic aroma lamp with the symbol of the element it represents, six soy candles, and aroma oil to match the element ordered.

Zen Garden

Having Zen garden in every room is always a good idea. Mum’s Metaphyscial Online Shop has one that comes with a 10 x 5 inch black box, sand, natural rocks, small Buddha statue, and a small rake.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is considered to bring good fortune according to the Chinese. What better way to congratulate someone on their new home than with lucky bamboo. You can find a variety of designs across the web and in stores.

Feng Shui Desktop Gong

Having a Feng Shui gong in your home is said to bring protection from evil spirits and bring prosperity. It is also believed to attract wealth into your life. What better way to wish someone luck on their new home than with a gong? Amazon has several gongs to choose from.

Asian Calligraphy Lantern

Add to the sophistication of their new home by giving them an Asian calligraphy lantern. Each of the four sides has characters in Japanese and lights up by lighting a candle inside. They will enjoy seeing the soothing light flickering against the walls of the lantern and in the room.

Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are said to attract wealth and keep bad spirits away. They are good for indoors and outdoors. There are a variety of wind chimes to choose from but try to find an oriental flare to them. Panda Oriental has a beautiful set of Feng Shui wind chimes for less than $3. That is easy on anyone’s budget and the gift will be loved and appreciated.

These are some basic ideas to give as housewarming gifts. If you know the person well and know what they already have or what they may need, you can personalize many of these gifts to fit their needs. Keep in mind things that are simple for Feng Shui is about getting rid of clutter and bringing all things positive into the home.

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