Floral arrangements, warmth and charm for your home

Floral arrangements, warmth and charm for your home

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Flowers, like plants, bring warmth and charm to the home. An arrangement of this type can change the energies of a room and give a magical touch to a meeting or evening that seemed to be completely inconsequential.

Making a nice arrangement does not require excessive expenses and is often interpreted as a nice show of attention to detail. It works as a surprise factor for the guests, the family, the couple… and allows you to put your imaginative arsenal, your good taste, and enthusiasm to the test.

fresh flowers

The first is to select the flowers, which must be fresh, and not have leaves or petals withered or burned by the sun. If you find them in buttons or that are not fully open, the better.
It is not always necessary to go to a florist, wildflowers exist in an amazing and beautiful diversity. The experience of collecting them can become a pleasant walk with your partner and children.

Color, texture and type of flower

Since you are selecting them, imagine the possible combinations depending on the color, texture or type of flower it is. Thus, for example, you can prepare a beautiful bouquet of roses where you combine red princes, with shaded or white specimens.

Before placing them in the vases, soak them for a few minutes in water at room temperature and, if possible, in a cool place.

Permanently remove wilted or damaged flowers, also cut excessive foliage and the lower tips of the stems. This last cut must be careful and diagonal, it depends on it to prolong the life of the flowers. You can repeat it if after several days you notice that the natural sap of the plant has resealed the ducts at the end of the stem.

Clean the part of the stem that will be submerged in the water of leaves, this will prevent them from rotting and giving off a bad smell.

The water for the arrangements should be at room temperature. Although sometimes warm, hot or even ice water is preferable. For example: for rose arrangements, water no hotter than 37 degrees Celsius will promote beautiful, full bloom.

If you have bought or collected many flowers, prepare two or three vases, that will allow you to decorate more parts of the house, it is also convenient to leave them somewhat vented so that the air can circulate between them.

If the flowers have long stems and the arrangement becomes very tall and blown over by the wind, place a weight or stone at the bottom of the vase or pot. That will prevent it from flipping over unexpectedly.

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