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Frugal Housewarming Gifts

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Your friends are the proud new owners of their very own home, and now they are sending out the invites for a housewarming party. Your mind goes haywire attempting to think of things that one needs for a new home, without breaking the bank. Take it easy it can be done with taste and frugality.

First you need to find out about the house , how big is it, do they plan on having certain themes in rooms or colors. This will make your task much easier. Being able to have a general idea of these bits of information can make your search for the perfect gift a piece of cake.

Just about any house warming gift can come in a basket and those can be purchased at nearly any store. From this point on you can decide where you would like to make your mark in their home. Most people focus on the kitchen and that is wonderful, but how many chips and dip platters does one person need?

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This is where ingenuity and a touch of you comes in handy. If you have a local dollar store go to it and browse the aisles, another good place to shop is a local thrift store. You would be surprised at what all you can find in either of these locations. Candles can always make a basket theme pop. Find something in scent that is not too overpowering and yet still strong enough to catch your attention.

This can be any scent from clean linen, to cinnamon bun.Once you decide on a scent you can now design your basket around that theme. If you choose the linen look for dainty wash cloths and matching towels, perhaps a pretty loofah or body sponge. Add to that delicate glycerin soaps in various scents, small bubble baths. One can even find ingredients online to make your own bubble baths and bath salts.

You can make everything from soap to mouth wash with simple ingredients that can be found in any store. Pour your mixtures into decorative glass bottles that can be purchased at yard sales or even found in your own cabinets. Add all of these to your basket with a pretty cellophane wrap and a bow to present to your friend.

If you decide on another room to create a basket for you can still start with the candle, having a basic scent to start with can jump start your brain into what would go nicely with that fragrance. For a kitchen you can make homemade cleaning agents that are just as powerful as the store bought brands without all the extra chemicals and toxins in them.

A bedroom basket can be accentuated by small throw pillows or mix and match shams that may not be exactly like one another but similar in color scheme. These can give the home owner the option of being fun and flirty in their rooms.

A living room basket can be filled with books that can be purchased at a second hand store, or decorator editions of magazines. Use a basket that one might find in a picnic basket with slots for spoons and forks and condiments and watch as it is recycled into a remote holder for a nearby end table.

With a little thought and pre-planning you can create an unforgettable housewarming gift that will be enjoyed and talked about for years to come. Have fun and remember that cost does not have to be high in order to be enjoyable for the recipient. It is the thought that counts and when you use your heart you can never go wrong.

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