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Great Gift Ideas for a Housewarming Party

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The next time you go to a housewarming party, why not give a gift that will stand out in the new homeowners mind, as well as being something theyll use. It’s really not that hard to do, and doesn’t have to be a big cost to you.

If you live in the neighborhood why not fill a binder with menus, coupons, and the numbers to call for the local pizzerias or take-out places? You could even include a short list of the best’ places to shop, and directions on how to get there. If it’s a family moving in, include your baby sitters number too, and anything else you think might be useful.

Do the new homeowners have trees? Give them a nice hammock to relax in after their done using the gardening shears and rake that others got them. Wouldn’t you rather be thought of when they’re relaxing or having fun then when they’re cleaning out the gutters or scrubbing the toilet?

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A nice grill kit is a good idea if they have one. Everything’s in one place so it’s easier to clean the grill and flip the burgers, so there will be more time left for entertaining or relaxing.

Speaking of relaxing, how about a 2quart pitcher and a set of durable glasses? You can never have to many of those, and it’s less likely that the sweet tea (or long island tea) will run empty.

Why not bake a nice pie or cake and let them keep the dish. You could also include the recipe, unless you cheated and put a store bought into that new pie pan! This idea could also work with a casserole if you would rather do that.

If it gets chilly in your area, why not fill a glass-canning jar with your favorite hot cocoa mix, and top with miniature marshmallows. Tie a spoon around the jar with a ribbon, and cover the top with some fabric and a rubber band if you want too. You could also include a matching set of mugs if you wanted to, for them to enjoy that hot cocoa out of.

How about getting them a book detailing the history of your town. Or even a picture book full of all the local land sites and attractions. You could also include driving directions and numbers to call for information on some of them.

What about a list of ideas for one-day trips? Fun things to do or places to visit that are within driving distance. Also include prices and hours of operation if you know. Be sure to list everything you can think of, you never know what their interests could be. Call your local tourist center if you need help with ideas.

Any of the above gifts will assure that the homeowners are thinking of you when they’re having a good time. You won’t break the bank with these gifts either, and you shouldn’t have to worry too much about giving a duplicate gift!

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