Home Decor Quick Make-Over Tips: Seven Ways To Spruce Up Your Space

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Are you looking to spruce up your space? you’ve come to the right place!

The first step is recognizing what your style is.

Neutral? boho?

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Do you have lots of furniture? Do you feel like you have enough storage? Are there any particular design elements that could be freshened up?

These are all great questions to ask yourself before embarking on your home decor overhaul.

Read on to learn more about some quick make-over tips.

Pace yourself

Whether you’re going to do everything at once or on a timeline, it’s important that you don’t get overwhelmed and make mistakes.

If you want to change the space in small increments, you can use a paint palette.

You can simply take your modern shades of gray and mix them with some interesting or warm colors such as orange, yellow, or teal.

You can also buy a painting in a specific color that will help you decide where to put which element in the room.

Pre-plan your change

Before you start adding anything to your space, plan where everything is going to go!

If possible, sit down with your partner and discuss which pieces should be included in your new decor trend.

Use the right lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a room’s design.

The right lighting can make all the difference in making a space feel relaxing and inviting.

Try installing new fixtures or cozying up to your existing lamps with some new bulbs.

Whether you want to create an intimate feel or something more upbeat, there are plenty of different options to choose from.

Have a color meeting

Before you make any changes to your home, you should figure out what kind of colors you want to incorporate into your space.

Find a color that blends well with the walls and furniture in your home.

You can find this color by looking at one item and seeing if it complements the room.

If it doesn’t, try doing the same with another item.

For example, if you have dark brown furniture but dark green walls, a nice yellow would be a good fit for both pieces.

Once you have decided on your main color scheme, use it as a basis for future decorating projects. To help keep things simple and cohesive, stick to those colors when making purchases for your home.

Add an accent wall

If the walls are neutral, you can bring a little color to your space by adding an accent wall.

Adding an accent wall can be done by painting a wall or finding a cheap but unique piece of art that you don’t mind having in your living room or bedroom.

A throw pillow also makes for a great touch!

Change up the rug

If you have a dated rug in your living room that doesn’t quite match the rest of the decor, consider replacing it with a new one.

If you love to read and are looking for a more comfortable area to do so, adding a rug will help make the space more inviting.

Plus, these rugs can come in all sorts of different shapes and colors so you can find something that fits your style!

Don’t be afraid to paint

The first thing to do before beginning the decor makeover process is to clean the walls.

Don’t worry if you have a lot of paint or wallpaper, it’s worth it to take them down and start fresh.

Once you’ve removed your old wallpaper, decide what colors of paint you like and go with that.

It’s best to choose three colors for your walls and then pick one for the trim work.

This will save you time because you won’t be painting multiple times which saves money!

Another tip to note is to freshen up your space, try removing the furniture and bring in new pieces.

If it is in your budget, consider updating your space with more modern furniture.

You can also brighten up your home by adding flowers!

They are inexpensive and add some much-needed color–you could even buy a bunch at your local garden center!

The last step of this quick makeover is adding some artwork or photographs on display this is a budget-friendly way of bringing life into a dark room.

Wrapping Up

The truth is, you don’t have to spend tons of money on your home decor to make it look great.

You can change the look of your space with minimal effort.

Just think about how much you could save if you switched up the colors in your room.

A few small changes can go a long way.

You’ll be surprised to see that a new coat of paint and a new rug can do wonders for a tired room!

One quick makeover tip is to add some life-giving plants, like ferns, that will thrive even in smaller spaces.

These plants will also help keep the air cleaner, thus improving the quality of life around you.

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