Housewarming Gift Ideas

Housewarming Gift Ideas

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Choosing a housewarming gift for a friend, colleague or family member can pose some concerns as to whether your choice will be something they will like and use. Thoughtful gifts which have been chosen with regard to the personal needs and preferences of those who are moving are the most appreciated. Putting some time and effort into your choice of gift will result in delighted recipients and also enable you to enjoy the satisfaction that is derived from providing the perfect gift.

Offer Your Labor 

A very personal housewarming gift is to help with the actual move including unpacking and putting away all the household items. 

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Amongst the general chaos that generally accompanies a move, providing a meal on the first night relieves the requirement unpack all the kitchenware in order to eat. A picnic basket with easy to manage food such as sandwiches and quiches can be a very welcome gift after a long day of moving and unpacking.

For the Home

A bunch of their favourite flowers to brighten and scent the new home is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can provide. Bring or buy a vase as well in case none are yet unpacked.

A welcome mat for the front door is something that everybody needs. Using your insider knowledge you may be able to acquire a personalised one according to the recipient’s tastes. Perhaps they are fond of cats or have a quirky sense of humor. Choose a welcome mat accordingly.

Providing a box of favored canned and packaged food for the pantry is particularly useful. A starter kit of cleaning materials can prove invaluable until everything is unpacked. A contribution to the celebrations in the form of a bottle of their favourite wine or champagne is always welcome.

If they are a fan of feng shui, then you could buy an appropriate gift for this use. There are many items available ranging from mirrors and water features to jewellery and wind chimes.

For the Garden

If the new home has a garden, then the possibilities are endless. A potted plant, a small fruit tree, a bird bath or even some vegetable seedlings all make great gifts. Even if the new home is an apartment, potted herbs for the windowsill are always useful.

For the Individual

When moving to a new area there are many things to learn and new people to meet. Consider a gift according to the person’s tastes which is based in the local area. Some examples are vouchers for beauty treatments, a game of golf at the local club or even a session at the gym. You could also consider vouchers for practical services such as lawn mowing or housecleaning.

If you know what their tastes are in reading matter, a newspaper or magazine subscription or a book that you know they have been wanting to read (whether hard copy or electronic versions) can be the perfect gift for engendering post-move relaxation. Alternatively a giftcard for movie or music downloads allows them to choose according to their own preferences.

Even if you do not know the recipient particularly well, the above ideas should provide plenty of scope for choosing a very well-considered and thoughtful housewarming gift.

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