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How to DIY Creative Housewarming Gifts

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What’s a better way to welcome someone to their new house? A housewarming gift! To ensure that you get the right and appreciated housewarming gift, you have to consider all aspects of the person or people and their house. Getting someone something they don’t like or they already have will cause great embarrassment and is a waste of time, space and money.

When someone has a new home, they would surely feel excited and can’t wait till they furnish or decorate their house and turn it into a home. Being creative when getting a gift means that you have taken the time and the effort to make one. First, you should listen and know what the person needs or doesn’t need in his new house. “Did he just say he got a new toaster?”

Also, you might want to take a look at the financial status of the people moving. If they are well established, then you probably shouldn’t think of getting them small things such as kitchen appliances or frames, towels or even bed sheets since they can easily afford them and probably have bought them.

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You can make your own housewarming gift by possibly bringing a gift basket, and filling it with many things of the same purpose. If the person who moved in loves to cook, you can send them a gift basket with recipes, ingredients and simple kitchen supplies such as a muffin tray or a pizza cutter. However, if you can’t think of anything that might the person might be needing, a basket with a couple of bottles of wine, usually accompanied by specialty treats would do.

One of the most handy housewarming gifts you could use which will most probably be used eventually, or currently are home improvement supplies. If the house needs any repair at some point, or just something minor such as drilling a hole in the wall, then your gift will surely come in handy. You could just buy a simple toolbox and wrap it up, or assemble your own tools which you think will come in handy the most.

Getting a housewarming gift does not necessarily need to be expensive or really big, but rather it must be coming from the heart. Just getting a ‘Home Sweet Home’ a ‘God Bless Our Home’ or the name of the couples or people moving to a new house on a frame or such so they can hang it proudly on their wall. That way you will always be remembered.

A great housewarming gift which always comes in handy, and is certainly unique are toiletries. Put a bar of soap, some bathroom towels, shampoo and a hand or body lotion which smells and looks good. This gift will definitely be appreciated and if not used at the moment, can be put as a decoration when they are neatly put in a basket wrapped.

A housewarming gift is not restricted indoors, you can also get something for the outdoors: A garden bench, a BBQ grill, or even a personalized doormat, with the family name’s written on the mat. This will give the owners the feeling that you did not just buy it from any store, but rather you took the time (and money) to personalize it.

The next time you want to make a housewarming gift, think: “What do I want someone to get me if I move to a new house?”. It does not have to be a weird gift, it could be something very common. What’s enough is that you actually thought about the new-movers, tried and got them something.

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