How to decorate our garden without spending a lot of money

How to decorate our garden without spending a lot of money

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How to decorate our garden without spending a lot of money

Spring and flowers, flowers and spring. If anywhere we can condense spring it is in our garden and it is worth lending a hand to the sun so that all eyes end on our plants and flowers. Here are some simple tips to prepare our garden for little money and with many results.

General cleaning

* As in almost all activities in the house, it is essential to start with cleanliness and order. We must remove the plants that have not withstood the winter, the dry leaves that remain in pots or meadows and make sure that the drains are free of dirt.

* Eliminate all weeds by the roots, we will get space and nutrients for our plants.

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* Be careful with the elimination of withered flowers or dry leaves. Eliminating them we make the efforts of the plant focus on the new shoots, with which nutrients and water are better used.


* Now that the heat can be very intense, we must be more careful with irrigation. Let’s avoid the hottest hours because a good part of the irrigation will evaporate.

* Since the demand for water from our plants is going to be great, remember that the one that is left over from cooking can be used for irrigation. Never the one that has been used for scrubbing! It contains chemicals that can be very harmful.

Nutrition and new plants

* It is time to replace possible bald patches in grass meadows, as frosts are no longer predictable and we also avoid excessive summer heat.

* It is important to air and fertilize the soil, hollowing out the lawn and removing the soil carefully.

* For indoor plants it is a good idea to provide nutrients by dissolving part of the fertilizer in the water that we use to irrigate. The compost or fertilizer must be soluble in water, in your garden store they will help you find it.

* In spring we can plant a good variety of vegetables, both in the garden and in pots. Tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers… and even watermelons if we have room. Taking care of the garden with the happy ending of a private harvest will give us extra motivation.

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