How to make a dried leaves flower arrangement

How to make a dried leaves flower arrangement

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The recipient

Choose it according to your tastes or space needs. Any glass vase, wicker basket, wooden bowl, metal sauce boat or clay pot will be appropriate to house the flowers. If you want to keep them still, use the green foam that they sell in florists or garden centers, where you will puncture the stems on it. If the container is translucent and you don’t want the foam to show through, strategically place decorative stones between the vase and the foam, covering “the trick.

the flower arrangement

· You must provide yourself with pruning shears, wires, as well as the container with or without green foam for arrangements.

· Decide what type of flower arrangement you are going to make: triangular, round, oval or ladder, because although they are similar, each one has its details.

· Use simple color schemes: orange, green, yellow, white arrangements… or mix them together, but don’t mix too many colors so the center doesn’t look unattractive.

· Avoid using too many dominant flowers, which visually “eat” the entire space. It is better to use more filling material (lichens, green leaves…) that are less conspicuous and leave the dominant flowers for the center of the arrangement, giving them the proper prominence.

· Put the smallest flowers in the upper part of the arrangement and the larger ones in the lower or lateral parts, depending on whether it is triangular, round or ladder shaped.

· The most common rule in an arrangement is called “11/2” in which the arrangement has this proportion in relation to its container or base.

· Start with the large species, such as ferns, broad leaves or the most outstanding flowers, and fill in the gaps with the medium ones and finally the small ones.

· Keep the proportions: do not put the largest flowers on one side and the small ones on the other, try to achieve symmetry in the composition.

· Use the wire to support those fine branches that do not support themselves without the risk of breaking or twisting, so you will be able to keep the bouquet in perfect condition for longer. In the market there are green-coated wires that remain almost invisible in the bouquet.

· The filling material, such as leaves, moss and ferns, place it mainly at the base of the arrangement, thus giving it depth.

· Use your imagination and resort to other natural resources: pineapples, shells, wood, pods, candles… that give originality to the flower arrangement.

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