Who has not ever received a bouquet of flowers

How to preserve bouquets of natural flowers for more days (or forever)

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Who has not ever received a bouquet of flowers

Who has not ever received a bouquet of flowers, put it in a vase, and after a few days found it limp and lifeless? It’s happened to all of us and, honestly, it’s a shame. With how beautiful natural flowers are, with how good they smell, and with the joy they bring to the home, we would love them to last longer, right? Especially if it is a gift that we have received from someone special! Well, don’t worry, because in the Women’s Newspaper we have the solution. It has been provided to us by Interflora (a company dedicated to home delivery of flowers) with these little tricks to preserve bouquets of natural flowers for more days or even forever! The aim, aim!

Instructions to properly care for a bouquet of flowers and make it last longer

Cut the stem: essential to preserve flowers

The first step and one of the most fundamental for a bouquet of flowers (of whatever type) to the last longer are to focus on the stem. You should cut it one or two centimeters and diagonally (this way you will help the flowers to better absorb the water). Do not use scissors, better if you do it with a knife. Snipping clogs many of the conductive vessels that make up the stems, and flowers wilt prematurely. In addition, it is convenient that no leaves of the bouquet remain inside the water since, otherwise, bacteria and bad odors would proliferate.

Good choice of vase

The best vases for your bouquets of natural flowers are glass or translucent materials. Why? Because this type of container helps a greater amount of light to pass through to your flowers and makes them look perfect for more days.

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How much water to put in the vase?

It is very important that when you receive your bouquet of flowers, you place it in water as soon as possible. You should pour water so that the stems are submerged in it, but never the leaves or petals. In addition, this water must be clean and warm.

Where to put the flowers? The best place to keep them

temperature and light. Those are the two factors that you should pay attention to when choosing the most suitable place to place your flower vase. It is important that the chosen location is a place where there is a lot of natural light, but without directly affecting the plants. As for the temperature, you should avoid very cold areas (near the air conditioning, for example) or very hot areas (such as radiators or fireplaces). Also, avoid places with strong drafts, the flowers do not like sudden changes in temperature too much.

Dry environment or humid environment?

The most normal thing is that the place where you place your flowers is a dry environment, however, the flowers are more favored by humidity. Don’t worry, to solve this small inconvenience and prolong their freshness, you can vaporize them from time to time with a water spray.

Away from the fruits!

The gas that emanates from the fruits when they ripen greatly damages the freshness of the bouquet of flowers. So now you know, the further away from pears, apples, and bananas, the better!

How often to change the water in the vase?

If possible, you should change the water every day so that it is always fresh and pure, and also clean the vase thoroughly. You can also take the opportunity to clean up the stems a little and cut them, in case you see that it is necessary, in addition to removing all those leaves that are submerged in the water.

Other tricks and formulas to preserve perfect natural flowers for days

If you have already put into practice all the basic instructions above, you will surely be able to extend the duration of your bouquet, but there are other small formulas to keep it for even more days:

Prepare a natural preservative: water, juice of half a lemon, and a teaspoon of sugar. The secret formula for your bouquet to stay fresh and beautiful!

If you are going on a trip or you think you will not be able to change the water in the vase in a few days, add aspirin or add a splash of bleach. With this, you will prevent bacteria from being generated and spoil all the flowers.

If you see that over the days some of the outer petals are left in poor condition, do not hesitate to remove them. This way you will get them to shine again in all their splendor.

Did you know that the color of the flowers is decisive in the duration? Generally, dark or cool colors   (violet, light blue, indigo, purple) last longer than light colors (pink, orange, yellow, red).

If the flower bends its neck and falls, the most appropriate thing is to cut the stem a few centimeters and leave it floating in a container or basin. In just a few hours it will be hydrated again! 

Techniques to dry bouquets of natural flowers and preserve them forever

It is true that you can make your bouquet of flowers last longer, but if what you want is to keep it forever, then you must dry it. How? In Interflora, they also tell us about it! Best of all, once dry you can use it for multiple uses: centerpieces, cards, crafts, gifts… Roses, ponies, and daisies are perfect once dry!


The ideal technique for small flowers with fine stems. For pressing you can use wax paper or newspaper. If you use the first, you must put the flowers on a sheet of this paper, add another on top and place everything inside a book that weighs. If you opt for the second option you will have to wrap the flowers with newspaper, wrap it again with blotting paper, and the last cardboard cup. To ensure that the method works, you will need to replace the layers once a week. Ideally, the flowers should be pressed for at least 10 days. The result is great!

Let the flowers air dry

Perfect technique for long-stemmed flowersHang the natural flowers upside down and tie them with string. Try to ensure that the sun’s rays reach them directly and that the area where you place them is well-ventilated. As the days go by, you will see how the petals change color and become smaller. Between two and four weeks is the time you will need for your dried flowers to be ready.

Drying flowers in the microwave 

Cover the flowers with sand (you can use kitty litter). Put them in the microwave for two or three minutes. Take them out and, when the sand is cold, remove it. Clever! You will see how your flowers are already dry! Perfect technique for natural flowers with many petals.

Natural drying of flowers

One of the easiest methods! It consists of leaving the bouquet in the vase with a little water and waiting. When the flowers absorb the water completely, they will dry little by little until they are completely dry.

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