Ideas to decorate balconies and terraces at Christmas: ornaments and crafts

Ideas to decorate balconies and terraces at Christmas: ornaments and crafts

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Ideas to decorate balconies and terraces at Christmas: ornaments and crafts

Christmas is coming, it’s just around the corner! That is why we take advantage of weekends or holidays to decorate our house and give it a homey touch full of Christmas spirit. If you are also looking for ideas to decorate balconies and terraces at Christmas, go ahead!  We introduce you to different decorations and crafts that will be perfect for you since they are very beautiful and interesting. Take note!

What do we need to decorate our balcony or terrace for Christmas?

To decorate your balcony or terrace for Christmas, first of all, you have to choose a theme according to the style that you like, the resources that you have at home, and according to the rest of the decorations that you have chosen for the rest of the House. It is not that it has to be the same, but it does have to be in the same line so that it has a certain harmony.

Then you will have to prepare the materials that you are going to need: what you have to buy, what you are going to do yourself, what you can recycle… You can even write it down on a list and make a map or diagram of where each decorative element is going to go. Do you already have it clear? We can start!

How to decorate a balcony or a terrace for Christmas

We begin with the batch of ideas so that you can decorate your terrace to your liking on the occasion of such endearing parties, what an illusion when the family sees it!

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Balcony decoration with Christmas lights

Colored Christmas lights that light up, twinkle, twinkle and sparkle can be a simple and successful decoration to put on the balcony. It will not cost you anything to arrange the lights in an interesting way that attracts attention. Complement with some balls or a little tinsel and it will be divine.

Bows and Holly Leaves

You can create a natural, bohemian vibe with red and gold bows and a few holly leaves or dried pinecones. Decorate according to the meters that your balcony has and do not hesitate to add things such as cushions or candles to complement it.

Santa figures

What do you also look at the figures of Santa Claus that hang from the balconies? You can put one in yours! A large figure that climbs the railing or a small one that is located in the center of the terrace, choose yourself!

Christmas bells to put on the terrace

On the railing or attached to the wall, whichever you see is better, but let them be a few bells next to each other to achieve the indicated Christmas style. If you want, decorate with a little artificial snow on top or with some stickers or even with some drawings made by the little ones in the house.

We create a candle with lights

In bright colors and to put on the railing. Yes, it is true that it is a slightly more laborious Christmas decoration for balconies, but of course it will be worth it, especially since we are recovering one of the meanings of these holidays.

Felt decorations

Felt ornaments are one of the most popular, they look great and they are also entertaining because we can make them with our own hands. Prepare a few: snowmen, stars, figures of the Three Kings… and put them on the terrace distributed as you like.

snowy style

To achieve a snowy style on the terrace, you will have to get a few decorations: dolls, stars, lights… and accompany them with homemade items such as cushions and others that you probably already have at home. Your guests will think they have arrived in Norway!

Golden stars

Very large, with glitter or in different sizes; in the golden stars you also have another excellent resource to decorate your balcony for Christmas. And it is also very easy to create and place!

Balcony decoration tips for Christmas 

We continue with the ideas of terrace decorations for Christmas, do not lose detail that you still have much to discover. 

Candy canes to decorate the balcony of the house

You put them on the balcony next to the lights and the tinsel and there will be no one who can take their eyes off your terrace. You can buy them at a Christmas decoration store or you can design them yourself with, for example, colored felt.

Gift boxes

You take a few cardboard boxes of different sizes and wrap them with gift paper. Now all that remains is to put them on the terrace that you have already ordered and cleared to make room for your Christmas decorations.

Natural details for your balcony

You can put a little tree with Christmas lights , a wicker pot, a small wreath with holly leaves, a green cardboard star and as many other details as you want that follow this same natural line.

lights and firs

You can also choose to combine lights and plants or type the natural decoration from before. Add a garland that covers the railing and you have it all. What do you love how it turned out?

Christmas stickers for a closed balcony

If your terrace or balcony is closed, all or part of it, you have the option of placing Christmas stickers on the glass, one of those that are usually placed inside the house. As you like, as long as they make sense, balance and consonance.

Hang the figures of the three wise men

The Three Wise Men are coming ! This is how others will see it when they look at the figures that we have hung on our balcony with which we will also be revealing the good taste we have at Christmas. If we have put Santa Claus before December 25, why not put his majesty now?

Golden Christmas

Choose a color and arrange the decorations: white as we have seen before? Maybe gold and glitter details? Well, then let’s get to work with the stars, the lights, the felt decorations and other decorative elements of the style. You just have to give free rein to your imagination or take the image as inspiration.

With glitter

You can do the same with the glitter for the railings, the crystals or the stars. It looks great next to closed candle holders and vintage-style lamps. If there are little ones in the house, do not hesitate to ask them to participate in the decoration, they always have great ideas to contribute!

Christmas wreath for the terrace door

You decorate the balcony, the railing, put lights and finish off with a Christmas wreath made by yourself and that can be very similar to the one you have put at the entrance of the house. Do not overload the decoration, it could not be appreciated well, but do not overlook details like this that contribute so much when it comes to maintaining the Christmas spirit .

A Christmas table

If you have a balcony, but you don’t have much space, we recommend that you put a small table and that it is there where you prepare the decorations , for example, some candles, some dried pineapples painted white, a red tablecloth with some Santa Claus cutlery holders and below some logs of firewood. Details like this will give a chic touch, like a kind of adorable corner, surely it even makes you want to sit at the table with your favorite book in your hands.

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