Ideas to decorate your house on Halloween (without spending too much money)

Ideas to decorate your house on Halloween (without spending too much money)

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Ideas to decorate your house on Halloween (without spending too much money)

Every year, when Halloween approaches, we feel like making a different plan just for the fact of celebrating the scariest night of the year. We look for plans around our city or invitations from friends and we assess which is the best option. However, this year you may be thinking of doing it differently: throwing a party at home. 

The truth is that opening the doors of your home to your guests is usually a headache due to the number of things that have to be prepared and, in the end, it always happens the same: we end up spending more money than if we do something outside the home. But, at the same time, if you like to organize this type of event, you will really enjoy preparing everything. For this same reason we suggest that you spend as little money as possible for a great party

When we think of being hosts, there is only one rule to follow: not just any party, but the best one your guests have ever attended. That does not mean, as we have just told you, that you have to spend a lot of money on decoration and food . And to help you, we bring you some ideas to decorate your house for Halloween without spending too much money on it. Thus, you will have no excuse for your party not to be chillingly perfect… Let’s see it! 

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Terrifying and low cost ideas to decorate your house on Halloween

Counting that we will spend the basics to buy certain materials ( cardboard , white glue or toilet paper ) these are some decoration ideas for Halloween . From there, let your imagination run wild…

Use as old resources as possible

You may be able to borrow old candlesticks or brassware from a family member’s or even a friend’s house that look quite antique. Get all this since, added to the rest of the decoration, they will give your house a darker look.

Give a double use to torn sheets or curtains

The houses decorated for Halloween abuse the abandoned effect, that is, many torn, dirty and old curtains or sheets. In order not to spoil the ones in your house, you can use old white sheets that you hang as a corridor or curtain around the house. The good thing about them is that you can stain them however you want, so take advantage and write the most terrifying messages that come to mind.

A lot of toilet paper

If you don’t want to spend any money on spider webs (although it is an investment that we recommend, because you will spend very little and you will be able to use them a lot) you have another widely used resource: toilet paper ! Place it from a door to a lamp and drop it everywhere.

Safe candles

Other investments that can be profitable for you (because they are cheap and you can use them at other times such as Christmas) are artificial candles. Those that imitate the natural light of the flame but are battery powered. In this way, there will be no danger of fire and you can have them on for as long as you want. There are smaller ones and imitating large candles. If you get several, you can put them throughout the house without fear and the appearance will be amazing! We tell you that you can use them because, later on, you can light them to give your room a romantic look , for a special dinner night or to place them as a centerpiece at Christmas. 


Another of the cheapest and most useful options that you can use is to create garlands with spooky aspects. Creating matching garlands is super easy, so all you need to do is put all your talent into making them the Halloween shape you want.

Cardboard and terrifying tombs

With cardboard boxes that you can order at the store below your house you can create different shapes. For example, for a photocell area, make it into several tombs, paint them black and put a DEP in the middle. If you create several of different sizes and a spider hanging on the wall, you will have a killer photocell!

Ketchup or tomato sauce

Every Halloween decoration worth its salt must have its ketchup or tomato sauce well placed. We are not talking about staining the walls, but think about whether it is not worth staining the bathroom mirror or the sheets that we talked about before. Even if you dare, the bathroom curtains with a few hands well placed would be very scary…

Take advantage of the doors

All doors, whether closed or open, are a great opportunity to decorate. You can turn them into Frankenstein’s or just hang some striped stockings stuffed with paper (as if someone was caught). All the little details, in the end, will add up to a great decoration.

Hang ghosts from the ceiling

To make ghosts you will only need white glue, water, paper and a plastic cup. Put a ball of paper on top of the glass, which will make the head of the ghost round. The idea is to line the plastic cup with that mixture of white glue and water while you put layers of paper. Let dry long enough and paint two eyes and a mouth on the ghost. Carefully remove the plastic cup from inside and make a small hole in the head so you can hang it. The result? If you hang it from the lamp it will be a ghost hanging in the middle of nowhere… Original, and very cheap! 

Black cardboard

The black cardboard has to be present for all the small details of our decoration. Use it to cut out the shape of a black cat and put it on your photocell. Also to make small shapes of mice that you can place on the skirting board or threatening eyes and hands that come out of the toilet tank . How about?

Don’t forget the household material

Obviously we can use the material you have at home to decorate your Halloween party. We are talking, for example, about a simple broom that you can transform into a real witch’s broom. Or do you think you won’t succeed if you leave her near the photocell? 

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