Indoor flowers for summer

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The good weather arrives and you want to give a special touch to your house; Even if you don’t have a garden, what better than adorning it with beautiful plants? The Chinese 5,000 years ago already decorated their palaces with plants placed in pots, and the ancient Egyptians used to place them in their rooms. In the middle Ages, monks cultivated medicinal plants within their monasteries: the beginning of the pharmacy. In the 19th century, the first greenhouses emerged to acclimatize tropical plants brought from the Americas, the Indies or the mysterious Africa.

Indoor plants are species that have been acclimatized and domesticated for the use and decoration of our homes, so their beauty will depend on the care and pampering that we dedicate to them.

In the florist or the nursery they have some that are ideal for that corner of your home: trees, shrubs, ferns, climbers, bulbs, orchids, perennials… choose the one you like best, but first check our gardening tips to take care of potted plants .

Some flowering indoor plants

Orange flower, very small. Semi-shade. Never change it from place to place. Water it regularly with non-calcareous water without wetting the leaves, as they turn black.
Pay it at least once a month. In winter, space out the waterings more to avoid drowning it.

Purple flower with a black center, with very fleshy leaves. Keep it in a well-lit place, but in summer, keep it out of the sun. Water it without wetting the leaves or the trunk and empty the excess water. Twice a week all year round, without the soil getting soggy.
Fertilize it every week in spring and summer, with small doses. Clean it with a soft brush. Does not support spraying with water.

flower with a single petal, with a large pistil. Do not put it directly in the sun, better in shady places. Avoid sudden changes in temperature, prefer constant heat. Water it frequently, about three times a week in spring and summer, and once a week in fall and winter. Often spray the leaves.
Fertilize it with mineral fertilizer once a month.

Cascading pink flower. This plant requires high environmental humidity, so you should vaporize it regularly. To stimulate its flowering, between summer and the beginning of the next flowering, you need to reduce the light and the temperature, making it cooler, but never below 16ºC.

Red flower, large size and bright green leaves with white edges, elongated and large. You should put it in the light, but fear direct sun. It needs high humidity, water it with non-limestone water in the center of the rosette and pay it every 15 days. In winter, space out the waterings and check that the temperature is not below 15ºC. Be careful not to attack the red spider and mealybugs.

Large, bright red flower with long, fleshy green leaves. It should be in an airy place with indirect light, protected from direct sunlight. Water it regularly in summer, and moderately in winter. Its roots have little growth, it will need few pot changes.

Red flower with a single striated petal and a large, fleshy yellow pistil. It blooms almost all year. It reaches about 60 cm. Tall. When it is very hot you should spray the leaves. If it does not have much light, flowering will stop, but an excess of sun burns the leaves. It does not tolerate sudden drops in temperature at night.

Small red flower with a white background, with two to three petals. Fleshy and small leaves. If this flower has a lot of light, it delays flowering and the leaves turn reddish, but excessive shading makes the plant flaccid. You must give it a lot of humidity and good aeration. Heating increases the risk of being damaged by Botrytis fungus.

Other indoor flowers that you can have in your home are the desert rose, the azalea, the bougainvillea, the calatea, the camellia, the bell, the chrysanthemum, the thorn of Christ, the fuchsia, the gardenia, the lily, the ixora , the petunia, the dwarf rosebush, the geraniums, the jasmine from Madagascar, the carnation of the air or the Indian feather, among hundreds of varieties.

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