Kitchen Decoration Trends 2018

Current Kitchen Decoration Trends

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Home decoration trends are always changing, just like fashion trends, and while we can’t remodel our house every other month to keep up with the latest trends coming out, we can keep them in mind for our next remodel. This time, we are focusing on the kitchen. What are the materials, mechanics, and tech that everyone is talking about? What are the layouts, and does our kitchen already fall under these trends? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the biggest trends this year:

Dark cabinets

When we walk into a kitchen filled with dark furniture, there is an instant sense of modern, sleek and clean. Dark colors, speaking specifically about black and gray, are a great addition to the kitchen and mix perfectly with more traditional colors, like white and wood. The pros of this are that you can easily incorporate them into one or two elements without doing a big overhaul, and it will fit into the rest of the kitchen beautifully. The con is that dark colors need quite a bit of maintenance because they only look good when squeaky-clean. This isn’t the best thing when you consider that water stains and dust show up a lot more on darker surfaces.

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Kitchen Decoration Trends 2018 - Dark Cabinets

Marble tops

Marble seems to have died down for a few years, especially in the kitchen. But, it’s returning big style this year into every single room in the house with the kitchen being no exception. It’s a great option for countertops because it’s sturdy and relatively easy to maintain. It will look great with both dark and light furniture, but it is a difficult thing to replace once you opt for it, so be sure that it’s something you really want. Also, it can be quite pricey, so you have to think of it as an investment.

Steel appliances

White is out and steel – especially dark, stainless steel – is coming back in style. Something like an Electrolux dishwasher will fit perfectly with the dark colors we talked about earlier, but it doesn’t stop with that. Faucets, ovens, and even cookware are all turning to stainless steel. The pros are obvious: it’s easy to maintain material and it will last you dot a long time. However, when you only have stainless steel as a type of metal in your kitchen, you risk it looking quite monotone and boring, yet stainless steel doesn’t look the best when combined with other metals.

Kitchen Decoration Trends 2018 - Steel Appliances

Open kitchen

For a while, we’ve been seeing the kitchen that is incorporated into the dining room, divided by a counter or an island. But now, we’re looking at a totally open design: not a divider in sight. It’s a great way to connect the kitchen with the rest of the house, making it easier to entertain your guests or keep an eye on the kids while you are cooking. The incorporation of the dining room, or even the living room, into the kitchen is a natural way to combine the two parts of food: cooking and eating. But, it’s not without flaws: smells from the kitchen can end up in other areas of the house, which isn’t necessarily a great thing, and since everything is connected, you can’t exactly keep the kitchen as sterile-clean as it would ideally be. 

Remember that trends are only there to give us the inspiration to make something that works for us, and you are free to pick and choose the things you like from each trend and incorporate that into your home. And even if you don’t have a remodel in plan, bookmark these ideas and keep them in the back of your mind the next time you feel like changing something up.

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