Personality with its own style decorate your home according to your feelings

Personality with its own style: decorate your home according to your feelings

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Personality with its own style decorate your home according to your feelings

Each person is different. Every man or woman understands by decoration a totally scattered idea. For tastes the colors say the saying. And for decorations, personalities. Your way of ordering or placing one thing or another depends a lot on your way of being, your way of feeling and your way of seeing life.

Romanticism, the most natural decoration

Do you consider yourself a romantic and sweet girl? Do you give priority to feelings, are you a lover of nature and of all the fields that art encompasses such as literature , painting, music …? Surely you appreciate freedom and you have feelings on the surface.

With these symptoms, you probably have decorated your house with very natural fabrics, maybe you like to dress your large windows with vaporous curtains and untreated wood. And, why not, fill the kitchen with utensils to be able to cook delicious chocolate cakes. Dreaming of having a wrought iron divan in the bedroom, putting all your necklaces and bracelets in wicker baskets of a thousand colors and different shapes, a little plant that brightens up your reading corner…

Decide. think no more. You are a fan of pastel tones and therefore your decoration style is romanticism .

Modern style: the style of today’s girls

The straight lines and the absence of ornament are probably the most particular characteristics of this style of decoration and life. You consider yourself a current girl, you follow new technologies and you like that the most recent simplicity prevails in your home .

You break with the traditional and you like diaphanous and spacious places, so… we have hunted you! You are a contemporary woman, who is in fashion and who lives every day to the fullest, you like to take care of yourself and be taken care of, you are flirtatious and lively.

For all these reasons, I am sure that in the rooms you choose gray, raw colors, combinations of black and white and I am sure that you also sleep in low beds. Take a look at this living room (image above), does it look like yours?

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Oriental as well as feminine style

Fancy a cup of delicious green tea? While the tea gets cold we can chat sitting on the poufs that surround the coffee table and light some aromatic candles that will illuminate us in our quiet evening, or do you prefer that I put incense?

And what about the room ? The walls are lined with a delicate paper patterned with small green and light pink or solid flowers.

If you feel comfortable in a calm and feminine environment, surely you feel identified with the oriental style where the tea ceremony has a particular importance and where the sources, the water and the nature have a special charm, the best place where all your feminine charms will come out .

Retro decoration: back to bright colors

I caught you listening to The Beatles and you have the entire Bob Dylan collection, and that corduroy sofa has finally given you away! You are passionate about the 60’s .

If you like the reminiscences of the 60s and 70s, then your style is retro, which is becoming more fashionable every day because you know… fashions always come back!

The decoration that most characterizes this particular style is corduroy, leather, vinyl on the walls, geometric prints and bright colors.

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