Personalize your home: a mix of styles and an explosion of color

Personalize your home: a mix of styles and an explosion of color

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Personalize your home: a mix of styles and an explosion of color

There are a number of very different and varied decorative styles that guide us when choosing the expression we seek for our ?? Home ?? : rustic, classic, romantic, oriental, Provencal, English, minimalist, modern style… all of them have marked a new ?? fashion but… why not mix them?

To decorate an environment you don’t have to stick to a certain style or fashion, the magic of decoration is in the mix ??, play with styles, colors, materials, shapes, and textures … and thus you will see your personality reflected in your home, you will love the result!

A feminine and discreet bedroom

On this occasion, proposes that you turn your bedroom into a feminine and discreet space. As you can see in the photograph, the colors vary between white and blue. Thus, the white and metallic bedside table has a more classic style and curved lines, while the whitish oak bed has straight, modern lines. A perfect combination.

The coquette, however, in an almost black-gray, has a much more romantic style. The large wardrobe maintains a modern character, just look at the practical and light sliding doors in tempered glass and aluminum.

Four?? Styles?? in the same space that can turn your bedroom into a unique and very special room. What do you like about the result?

Mix the colors without fear

At the same table where you gather friends to eat, where you prepare a romantic dinner, at the same table where your children paint and where you read… in that space there is room for all the chairs you want! In red, white, wood, plastic… who said that there should be sobriety in the home?

Colors and more colors that will brighten you up every morning and turn your home into a different place, a special place, your little universe of light and color, because who said that red and pink “do not go together”? A mix of blue, yellow, red, and green tones… an explosion of color that you will not regret.

Decoration can be a very fun game. Try Mixing Vintage. With modern, place the nightstand in the hall, and use a screen as a headboard. Skip the rules and join the game of decorating your home. In a unique and very personal way.

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