Romanticism in its purest form for the most homelike Valentine's Day

Romanticism in its purest form for the most homelike Valentine’s Day

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Romanticism in its purest form for the most homelike Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day, that romantic date prepared to round off a calendar with a red heart. Undoubtedly, what all those who have a partner want most is to live that day next to their partner in the most special way. Almost all of us think of a big celebration: a rural getaway, a romantic trip to one of the great European capitals, a weekend at a spa, etc.

The truth is that all these options are very rewarding, but on many occasions, and with the economic problems arising from the crisis, it is not possible to waste such money in the middle of the January post-cost stage.

And it is not necessary either, because we must not forget that the essence of this celebration lies in the love you feel for the other person, and this does not have to be at odds with simplicity and austerity. For this reason, from Women’s Daily we propose some ideas for you to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day without leaving home.

Take care of the details of your home

Stay at home, explore your home, go buy some decorative elements, and enjoy a most romantic evening with your partner.

Staying at home does not have to imply a lack of emotional charge on this special day, but rather, with the help of external elements, you can have a very romantic night. The first thing will be to properly set your home: what will give you the most play will be the candles. You have a thousand varieties and you can make beautiful combinations. Candelabra-type candle holders, vase-type candle holders with stones inside, plate candle holders, etc. Also, if you choose aromatic candles, the warmth and sensuality that you will give to the environment will grow exponentially.

You can add other decorative elements such as heart-shaped cushions, red rugs or red roses that give the environment a very special color. With all this climax of candles, flowers, hearts and predominant red colors, you only have the most important thing left: preparing a special dinner for a special day.

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a very special dinner

If you have a fireplace, the most romantic thing would be to prepare dinner in the heat of it, if not, don’t worry, we have already told you that the least important thing is how ostentatious the details are, you just need imagination and desire. Of course, inspired by a dinner by the fire, move the food to a small table to sit on the floor, on top of a lot of cushions, and get ready to enjoy February 14 .

Prepare something light, great culinary feats are not necessary. You can make a snack with cheese and pâté spreads, accompanying them with a good red wine lit by the candles that will decorate your little corner. And when you finish, keep in mind that it would be a good idea to have left decorated the bedroom with the same tune, candles, aromas, etc. The instructions on what has to happen in there are up to you

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