Step by step to make a homemade Christmas crib or nativity scene DIY ideas

Step by step to make a homemade Christmas crib or nativity scene: DIY ideas

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Step by step to make a homemade Christmas crib or nativity scene DIY ideas

If this year you are determined to make your home more Christmassy than ever, then you cannot miss the manager. And if you also want it to be something special, made with your own hands, read on because we are going to tell you all the tricks to make a unique and real crib, with a lot of texture and color.

For many families, especially for Christian ones, the manger or nativity scene is one of the most important Christmas symbols, since they represent the birth of the baby Jesus, the fundamental reason for celebrating Christmas. For this reason, if you already have all the figures of the crib, it is time to give them a beautiful environment where you can offer your love to these festivities in some way. There are huge nativity scenes, which represent the entire city of Bethlehem, and then there are other smaller ones, which only represent the birth of the Child Jesus with Mary and Joseph, some animals, shepherds, and sometimes the arrival of the Magi. 

We tell you to step by step how to make a homemade Christmas crib or nativity scene with some DIY ideas that will be very simple for you. Take note of all of them!

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The place in your house where you will place your birth

First of all, the first thing you have to choose is the place where you will put the manager. You can do this in an unused fireplace, on top of a table, or even on the floor in a corner of the house. Ideally, it should be located in a place where the family usually gathers, such as the living room, so that everyone can enjoy it during Christmas. 

How to make a Christmas crib or nativity scene DIY

To make your manager you will have to create a model in which you can set the manager. The size of this will depend on the space you have, the number of figures you have for your crib and, of course, the time and desire to make a homemade crib. What is clear is that there are certain fundamental elements that you will have to recreate, so take note of all the tricks that we tell you below. 


When you have the place defined you will have to think about the landscape. Delimit where the manager will go as such, if the landscape will have mountains, slopes, a river, a pasture area, and little houses around it. Draw a picture of how you would like it to look. It will help you make the composition much better in the end. 

Start on the ground

For the ground area of ​​the landscape, ideally use certified moss, as that fluffy green look is very Christmassy. Remember that it is important that it is certified, since collecting moss from the forest is very harmful to the environment. By the way, if you don’t want to use moss, you can always get moss or artificial grass instead. In addition, you can use soil and straw to create paths and areas of distinction in the landscape. 

Start by lining the surface you will use for your manger with plastic so that it does not get stained. Now create the relief with cardboard, newsprint, and egg cartons … don’t worry if it doesn’t look pretty, then you will cover everything with moss, earth, straw, leaves, and branches… remember to leave a relatively flat area for the manager of Child Jesus. 

Landscape River

If you have decided on a river or a lake you can do it with silver paper. Use Tupperware for the lake or cut a bottle to create the elongated river (you can also use cross-cut PVC pipe). Cover them with silver paper. You can leave them like that or paint them blue and put some dirt on them and stick some moss to the inside. When you put the water it will look very realistic and beautiful

The mountains 

If your crib has mountains in the background, recreate them with cardboard folded next to each other. Once you have the initial design, use the papier-mâché technique to line them and give them texture. It will be a perfect decoration for your crib.

For this you only need to mix white glue or white glue with water (in equal parts). Put a strip of newspaper on the base of the mountain and stick it with glue and a brush. Repeat until you get the desired texture. When it dries, paint the mountains with shades of brown, gray, and green … to give it a real look.


You can make cardboard houses glued to the mountain as if they were far away. You can also place them on logs that you put at the bottom of the wall of the structure. Of course, if your intention is to make a very large manger, you can create other houses that go on the ground with painted cardboard, paper-mâché technique, wooden sticks, or even with a straw. Everything will depend on the composition of your crib. 

The vegetation 

What vegetation would there be in Bethlehem at the birth of Jesus? Probably palm trees, so if you want to be true to the story you’ll have to recreate them. For the trunk, you can easily make it out of a tube (you can make it out of cardboard) and then line it with crumpled butcher paper. For the foliage, you can use natural, plastic, or paper leaves. Cut each side of the leaf into thin strips to make the palm leaf shape. Make several and then plow or glue them down to form the foliage that you will glue to the trunk.

Although palm trees are usually the most common, it must be remembered that the crib is a representation and as such allows for a little imagination and free will. Therefore, if you prefer a more wooded landscape, you can also make pine trees. Make them out of real pine needles for a very homey and cozy look. 

The manager

Remember that the Child Jesus was born in a very humble manger, in a stable where Mary and Joseph were offered lodging so that she could give birth to Jesus. For this reason, animals are usually represented next to the manger.

A very simple way to do this is using a cardboard box. Use one that fits the measurements of your figures. Cut so that there are three walls and the floor, so that it has stability. Cover the ground with straw, earth, moss… and the walls can be covered with branches, sticking them with a hot glue gun until they are covered inside and out. To make the roof, use branches to create a structure and then cover them with tree bark and moss. 

You can also opt for a manager that simulates a wooden stable, with doctor sticks or those used for ice cream. Glue them down carefully making the three-wall structure (no floor) and make a flat roof out of sticks as well. You can varnish them to give them a more realistic look. 

Another idea is a cork manager. With a sheet of cork, cut out three walls. Make a roof with twigs and it will be a very cozy manner.

The child’s bed

There are two ways to place the Child, in a kind of crib or on the floor. For the first option, you can recreate a stable drinker, made of wood, and put the straw to put the Child to bed. In the second case, simply make a kind of bed of straw or moss or similar, put a sheet on it, and lay the child on it. 

the star of Bethlehem 

If you are going to represent the arrival of the Magi, do not forget to draw the star of Bethlehem at the bottom of the manger. You can draw a starry sky with a shooting star or make it with silver paper. Other people prefer to represent the star that guided the Kings of the East by putting a star on the manger.

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