The best ideas for Christmas decoration

The best ideas for Christmas decoration

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The best ideas for Christmas decoration

The Christmas decoration is the starting signal for endearing dates and one of the most desired moments by the little ones in the house. If you want your Christmas tree to be the prettiest this year, for your Christmas star to capture all the eyes of your friends, for your table to be the most elegant on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve or for the entrance of your house to be envied of all your neighbors for the crown or garland you have made for the occasion. Take note of our tips and ideas for Christmas decoration

The best Christmas decoration proposals: Christmas decoration ideas 

Christmas tree ornaments 

Bored of always having the same decoration on your Christmas tree? It’s over! This year does not happen to change the elements that will decorate your fir tree in the coming weeks. And, We launch two proposals: the first, that you be encouraged to make your own Christmas tree and/or, second, that if you already have one, you get down to work to customize your fir tree to suit you. 

On the other hand, we also recommend you take a look at some Christmas decoration ideas for your tree with the trends that are most popular during the year. You can choose the decoration according to the style that you like the most, you can’t miss it!  

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Original Christmas balls

Creating Christmas balls with the little ones is an excellent opportunity for fathers, mothers, grandfathers or grandmothers to do something really fun on these special dates. It will be a time to share a new experience, but also to develop the imagination. What size do you want to make the balls? What colors are you going to select? What materials do you have at home? Don’t worry, there are thousands of original options for you to create Christmas balls to your liking. 

Very important: the Christmas star!

The Christmas star is that element that children and adults “fight” to put as the icing on the decoration of the Christmas tree, but we want to show you that they can also be used for centerpieces, to decorate garlands, to place it in the Bethlehem… We give you the ideas and you decide its location!


Christmas is synonymous with cold, low temperatures, and, of course, snowflakes. These details can decorate the Christmas tree, but they can also be placed in the window or on top of a shelf. Did you know that you can make snowflakes out of the bottom of a plastic bottle? There are many ideas!

Christmas wreaths welcome

And since Christmas is not only the details of decoration inside our house but also those that we show on the door of it, you cannot forget to place a crown or a garland made on purpose for the occasion. You can make it out of balls, pineapples, fabric or tinsel, they are very simple and look great at the entrance of your home, sweet home! 

Christmas decorations with recycled materials

How about you take advantage of Christmas to recycle? Those plastic or glass bottles you have at home could have a second life by making cool decorations for your home. In addition, it is a great opportunity to enjoy with the smallest of the house making different crafts. We leave you 51 ideas for you to choose your favorite but surely if you use your imagination, you can think of many more!

Felt Christmas decorations

In addition to balls, stars or snowflakes, you can also make felt figures to hang from the tree, from your Christmas wreath or place them around your house according to your taste. You can make bells, stars and endless ideas that will make your home an endearing and great place for all your guests.

Nativity scene or homemade Christmas crib

If you are Christian in your family, surely you will not miss the opportunity to make a homemade Christmas nativity scene. If you already have all the figures and you want to make a much more beautiful environment to place them, you will only have to make mountains, rivers, and houses and place the appropriate vegetation. Surely it will be so good that you will repeat the same decoration year after year. 

How to decorate each room of your house at Christmas? Cool crafts and decorations

Christmas decorations for your table

Your menus for the key days, such as Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or New Year, can be more tasty and appetizing if you accompany them with a special decoration for that moment. If you lack ideas, we will give you some: centerpieces, candles to decorate, paths that cross the table or napkin rings… Which one do you prefer? 

Decoration of small houses at Christmas

If your house is very small, it does not mean that you have to give up decorating it for Christmas, quite the opposite! There are some cool ideas to turn your home into a beautiful Christmas picture, such as a small Christmas tree, stamped on the wall or even on your nightstand.

You can also create other decorations and place them in different places in your house where they do not bother you and where they create a most endearing atmosphere. For example, some Christmas magnets to place on your fridge, the typical Christmas wreath to place on your door or snowflakes on the windows. As you can see, there are many ideas, you just have to choose your favorite or the one that best suits your needs.

Christmas door decoration

It is very important that your house is decorated for Christmas, and not only through the tree as we have seen, but also on your Christmas table or even on your door. How to decorate your door at Christmas? You can choose DIY decorations that are very simple to make or more complicated ones, according to your own taste! Remember that the door will be the first thing your family and friends will see when entering your house…

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