Tips for storing Christmas decorations when to remove the decoration

Tips for storing Christmas decorations: when to remove the decoration?

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Tips for storing Christmas decorations when to remove the decoration

The beloved Christmas season is over, the family feasts and the good times toasting with friends. Now it’s time to put away the Christmas decorations. How and when to do it? How to store Christmas decorations, such as balls, tinsel and even the tree so that they are well preserved until next year? With our tips it will be very simple!

When to remove the Christmas decorations in your house?

It is not that there is a key date to start with the removal of the Christmas decorations, but you will agree with me that the most sensible thing is to do it after January 6. The parties are already over (if you have children, propose them to collaborate in the clean-up or wait for them to return to class), you will probably have some time before fully returning to your routine and you will be much less lazy than if you did. You leave for the middle of January. 

Also, if you leave it for much later, when you receive visitors at home they will be surprised to still see the decoration in your home. Surely you have also noticed how inelegant that Santa Claus hanging from the facade of the building opposite looks when we have almost opened the second half of January.

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Tips to collect Christmas decorations and save space

Once the Christmas holidays are over, it’s time to gather good energy for what is to come and, as much as we don’t feel like it, it’s also time to put away the decorations that we placed with such enthusiasm in our home at the beginning of December.

It’s not that it’s complicated, but collecting and storing the decorative elements well: Christmas balls, tinsel, felt details, snow stars… it has its own. First, because having a good organization will save space and, second, by the time we go to take them out next Christmas they will be like new, nothing will have deteriorated! Pay attention to the following tips, you will become an expert in the field. 

Clean before saving 

Plastic Christmas tree leaves are cleaned, as well as decorations such as figures, balls and others. Before putting away, clean it up a bit, at least to remove dust. You will preserve your Christmas decoration much better while eliminating bacteria and other pathogens

Store decorations separately. 

In one box go the tinsel, in another the Christmas balls. The same with the tree, the Christmas wreath and the reusable stickers. And in a separate box the most delicate ornaments, such as glass, to avoid the risk of breaking. 

You can even put a label on the outside of the box or write what’s inside with a marker. You will see how practical this little tip is for you for next year when you have already forgotten where you kept what. 

Remove the Bethlehem or manger piece by piece

This year you have put the Bethlehem? Then you will have to keep it in a separate box. Do not mix them with the rest of the decorations and be careful with the most delicate figures. If you do not keep the original packaging, you can take advantage of a shoe box or another similar one that you have at home. 

Now it’s time to remove the Christmas tree 

If your Christmas tree is artificial, you will have it very easy: put it in the box it came in when you bought it or one of the like in which it fits well, loosely and without being tight. If you have space right there you can also put the lights you put on the tree, roll them up well so they don’t get knotted. 

What if it is a natural tree? So the most sensible thing, also to help preserve the environment, is to plant it in the garden or take it to a place where they can give it a second life, it will be your little grain of sand!

Remove the Christmas lights

In the event that you have put a few Christmas lights of those that turn on and blink as decoration at the entrance of your house, on the facade or on the terrace, you must carefully roll them up and put them in a container in which they can be stored. Keep well. What is also highly recommended is to take a little cardboard to bundle the lights or even prepare them individually, no tangled cables!

Remove the batteries from your electrical decorations

There are the traditional decorations of a lifetime and there are also the modern details that, of course, include batteries. Well, before storing the ornament in question, you have to remove the batteries so that they don’t rust inside and can damage the mechanism. Keep the batteries next to the ornament because otherwise you won’t remember which batteries belonged to each one later. 

Protect all your Christmas decorations from moisture

Now that you have everything almost ready, where are you going to put them? In the storage room, maybe? In the garage, perhaps? In the attic? Where best suits each one, but keep in mind that we must protect the decorations from moisture. If you live in a city with a humid or rainy climate, you will have to make sure that the decorations do not end up in a box and in a room where, over the months, it can get wet since, as you well know, it would give the fret with those decorations that you have so much affection for. 

You can place silica gel bags inside to prevent the decorations from suffering any type of damage or store them in large boxes covered with bubble wrap, very useful in the case of the most delicate figures. 

Last tips for storing Christmas decorations 

To finish, all we have to do is quickly review these valuable tips, you will see how well everything looks good on you, from now on you will be the one to give advice to your friends!

When you go to store the packages with the decorations inside, try not to crush the most delicate ones, such as crowns, tinsel or Christmas balls. 

Take the opportunity to throw away what has been broken, deteriorated or you just don’t like it anymore and you know very well that next year you won’t be using it. You can donate what’s still good but you don’t like it anymore. 

Classify the boxes according to whether they are decorations for the interior of the house, the door or the terrace, it will be of great help when the time comes to take them out next Christmas. 

Pick up with enough time, choose an afternoon for the removal of the decorations and do not be in a hurry, otherwise you will be overwhelmed. 

It involves the family, it can be a lesson for the children: we all work together to have our home just the way we like it. 

No long faces , it’s time to pick up the Christmas decorations, but we can continue enjoying good times with family and friends.

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