Unique Uses For Plastic Grocery Bags

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I absolutely refuse to buy trash bags. It seems just wrong to pay good money for something you know you’re going to throw away.

I, doing my part for the environment (and being cheap…oops, I meant economical), recycle the plastic bags from the grocery store. Its not like there are ever a shortage; baggers are trained to put only two or three items per bag. Its subliminal…ten bags and you think you got a lot of food for that $50 you spent. Like no one has caught onto that one yet!

So what other things you can do with your plastic bags:

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  1. Litter Box Liners

Use plastic grocery bags to line your cat litter box with. When soiled, simply removed, tie up, and dispose of!

  1. Use for Packaging

Crumple up plastic bags and place them in the box when you’re sending an item in the mail.

  1. Cast Protections

If you have a cast on your arm or leg, place a plastic grocery bag over it, then tie it shut with the handles. The bag will keep your cast dry when you take a shower!

  1. Fill Window Valances

If you have those puffy valances above your windows, crumple up and use grocery bags to fill them up with. The bags are light so the valances don’t droop.

  1. No Mess at the Beach

Take a spare change of clothes in a plastic bag to the local swimming pool or beach. Then, use the bag to bring home your wet bathing suit, sandals, etc.

  1. Make a Toy Parachute

Cut the handles off a bag and a little extra material. Then poke some holes around the perimeter and tie a piece of string in each hole. Tie the string ends together, then let your son use it as a parachute for his toy men.

  1. Clothes Protector

Cut a hole in the top of a plastic grocery bag and slip it over hanging clothes. Keeps dust off of them!

  1. Impromptu Diaper Pail

Take plastic bags when you go away to put soiled diapers in. Tie the bag shut to keep odors inside.

  1. Trash Can Liners

Use bags to line your trash cans. When they’re full, just remove, tie up, and discard!

  1. Shoe Protectors

Slip a pair of plastic bags over your shoes if you have to make a quick trip to the garden! Then, remove and discard!

  1. Pillow Sham Stuffing

Crumple up plastic grocery bags and fill up pillow shams with them. Just fluff them up when they get flat.

  1. Blanket Protectors

Place afghans, blankets, et cetera, in plastic bags before you store them away. Place a cedar block in each bag and tie it shut to keep moths out.

  1. Save Painting Applicators

Wrap a roller or a paint brush up in a plastic bag, then pop it in the freezer if you get interrupted during a paint job. Then, remove, let thaw, and continue using it!

  1. Make Draft Stoppers

Use old heavy material to sew up some draft stoppers. Then, fill them with plastic bags, sew the ends shut, and use them to stop drafts by exit doors.

  1. Keep Feet Dry

Place a grocery bag over each foot before you slip your boots on. The bags will keep your feet and socks dry!

  1. Knee Protectors

Wrap a plastic grocery bag around each knee before you work in the garden. It will save your knees from dirt and grass stains.

  1. Plant Waterer

Snip a corner off of a plastic bag and use it to water house or garden plants. It weighs much less than a bucket, and holds water just as well!

  1. Make a Storage Bag

Tie a plastic bag to your belt when you visit an amusement park, street fair, et cetera, with your family. Carry souvenirs, sunglasses, and other items with you, but leave your hands free.

  1. Garbage Container

Place an open bag in a bowl or pan before you peel messy fruits and vegetables. Then, just pick up, tie shut, and discard the seeds, rinds, et cetera.

  1. Make a Scarecrow

Use plastic bags, some long sticks, and some old clothes to make a scarecrow for your garden. Use the bags to tie it all together and stuff the clothes too!

  1. Sponge Paint Applicator

Crumple up a plastic bag, dip in interior paint, then sponge your walls. Less expensive than store bought applicators!

  1. Emergency Rain Hat

Use a plastic bag to protect your head if you get caught in a rainstorm! Keep a bag in your car or pocket to keep it handy.

  1. Plastic Gloves

Place a bag over each hand anytime you have a mess to clean up! Discard when you’re done, and you’re hands will be clean!

  1. Craft Items

Cut a plastic bag into strips and make wreaths, crochet rugs, and plenty of other craft items!

  1. Keep Purses in Shape

Crumple up plastic grocery bags and place them in purses before you store them away. Your purses will keep their shape well!

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