Your home in spring: give your home a spring touch

Your home in spring: give your home a spring touch

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Your home in spring: give your home a spring touch

Yes, you have already noticed. Spring has finally arrived and we can go outside at seven in the evening to start a pleasant walk. So let’s not lose the joy of spring when we enter the house and let the light, colors and warmth flood our home.

The light

Spring means the arrival of light. The sun illuminates longer and with more intensity, so we must let it be incorporated into our house. We must facilitate that the light is distributed throughout the house and it helps to remove all the carpets, since they generally reflect little light and provide a warmth that the sun will now give us.

The windows must be free and that does not only imply raising the blind. The curtains or blinds should be made of materials that are more permeable to light, such as linen.

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Rethink the layout of your living room or bedroom. You can take advantage of the light in your living area, because now there is more and it comes from more places.

The sensations

Spring is joy and colors bring it to us in the form of pastel colors, oranges, reds, and greens. Light woods also help distribute light and increase the feeling of warmth.

We can also stimulate our perception with aromas. Natural plants, in pots, in the garden, and in vases are the most immediate and highly efficient resource. Soft aromatic candles can also help us.

In the bedrooms, the bedding should be simple, and easy to avoid trapping and complicating the passage of the sun’s rays.

Although it may seem obvious, complete cleaning of the house is one of the fundamental steps to change the season of the year to clean!


In the bathroom, let’s change the towels for bright colors, improve the environment with aromatic soaps in oranges, and reds,… and if we can put plants better.

And of course, try that spring is not only what we have proposed. Innovate, wrap the blanket around your head, your touch brings your personal touch, that the most romantic season of the year is here and you cannot hide it.

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